About Benemax

Benemax The Benefit Management Company administers supplemental group health benefits and provides comprehensive customer service for our clients, their employees and their dependents. We function as a secondary health benefits payer.

The Benemax Wrap®

The Benemax Wrap® supplements a fully insured medical plan and pays covered expenses that might otherwise have been subject to deductible, co-insurance or co-payment. The exact supplemental benefit formula varies from group to group but is referenced on the member’s Benemax ID card. You may also call 800-528-1530, option 2, with any questions or for benefit details.

The Benemax ID Card

Benemax recommends that providers make a copy of the member’s Benemax Identification Card along with the health plan identification card. The Benemax card will provide information on each member’s supplemental benefit schedule and it will outline steps providers should take to facilitate prompt claims payment.

Benedent®, the Benemax Dental Plan

Benedent® is a money-purchase, consumer directed dental plan that generally provides coverage for all ADA approved, non-cosmetic dental procedures. Members carry a Benedent® ID card that includes benefit details. Benefits are coordinated according to the birthday rule with other dental plans. There are no network requirements.

Claim Submission

Providers may submit claims to Benemax as follows:

Again, for additional information or to speak with an Independent Member Advocate, call Benemax at 800-528-1530, option 2.

Please note that verification of coverage is not a guarantee of payment.